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Seattle Freeways Application Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Map

How often does the data update? Why is there no reload button?

All the features you use on the app will start automatic updates every three minutes. There is no reload button because WSDOT doesn't want people hitting their servers more often than that. Occasionally, the timestamps on some features may appear to be out of date, but this is because the app uses WSDOT's timestamp. The Incidents feature, for example, is updated by an actual traffic engineer, and the date you see reflects when the engineer last updated the incident list.

The cameras are different. They will update every time you click on one. In the Cameras tab of the app, there is also a reload button.

How can you tell what direction the express lanes are going?

It's a little hidden in the current version of the app, but scroll the map left and you'll see it:

In a future version, I'll put arrows on top of the express lanes to make it more obvious.

Can you make it so it remembers my map position from last time?

Sure, just go to the Settings app on your iPhone, and scroll down to SeattleTraffic and click on it. Change the "Remember position" to ON.

What don't you have Tacoma and Everett traffic on the map?

The app is using all the data that WSDOT provides to the public. However, it does not include all the traffic data you can see on the WSDOT website for Tacoma, Olympia, and Everett traffic. I've been told that WSDOT is working to remedy this, and I am hoping that I can include it in a future version.


Which way are the cameras pointing?

Unfortunately, there is no way for the app to know the direction each camera is pointing. Traffic engineers at WSDOT can change the direction each one points to, and the app just displays the live image from the camera. The WSDOT webpage shows example pictures of what the camera looks like when it is pointing a certain direction, but the small screen and limitations of the iPhone make it difficult to duplicate.


What does "Use mirror server" mean in the preferences?

WSDOT requires that I mirror the traffic data on my server, which the iPhone app contacts instead of bombarding WSDOT's servers. However, in the event that my hosting service goes down, I wanted to make sure that there was a way for users to bypass the mirror and go directly to WSDOT's to get the data. No matter which setting you choose for this, you are still getting the same up-to-date data. The iPhone app knows how to synchronize its updates with the mirror server, so no delay is added.